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"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25 (KJV)

For Children
Your Story Hour - Wonderful stories for Children.
Primary Treasure - Stories, Games, Activities, Advice, Prayer Requests and Bible Studies for Children.

Audio and Video
The Mark of the Beast[Bible Prophecy Movie] - Understand what the Mark of the Beast is.
Final Events of Bible Prophecy - A great video sharing an overview of this earth's end time events.
Cosmic Conflict - A great video on the origin of evil.
Bible Prophecy - Watch or listen to one of the best Bible Prophecy seminars ever.
The Second Cominig of Christ - Understand that there is no secret raputure.
What is Hell? - Understand from the Holy Bible that God doesn't burn people in hell forever.
The Conscientious Objector - Desmond Doss MOH Winner & True Follower of Christ - A great documentry about an army medic hero who would not carry a gun.
The Richest Caveman - The Doug Batchelor Story - One of the best testimonials ever.
Walter J. Veith - From Evolutionist to Creationist Testimony - Another great testimony.
Amazing Discoveries TV - A source of great Christian videos.
What day is the Sabbath? - by David C. Pack. If you are not sure, this is a must see video!
The Seventh Day - If you still think Sunday is God's Sabbath please visit this website and learn about people like Saint Patrick who taught people to keep all God's commandments including the 7th day Sabbath.
tHE sABBATH AND THE eARLY cHURCHES.wmv - This video documents that the early Christian church kept the 7th-day Sabbath instead of Sunday.
THE THIRD ANGEL'S MESSAGE: The Mark of the Beast (HD) - Do you know what the mark of the beast is?
The Two Babylons - Part 1 - Better understand how paganism has corrupted the Christian church.
NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1 - If you are still not convinced Satan wants to estabish a New World Order and that 911 was an inside job watch this.

Great Books
National Sunday Law - Understand how Sunday worship, the 1st day of the week is the mark of the beast (The Roman Catholic Church). Sunday worship is not from God. The 7th day is the day God wants us to keep holy. Don't be lost. Believe God. Believe the Truth. Read the King James Version of the Holy Bible.
The Great Controversy between GOD (Good) and Satan (Evil). The Great Controversy is an extremely important book that tells the history of God's true Christian Church and helps prepare people to better serve GOD now and through the great time of trouble soon coming upon this world before JESUS comes again.
THE SECRET TERRORISTS - A very important book by Bill Hughes shedding more light on what happened at Waco, the Oklahoma bombing and the World Trade Center.

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