Signs of Our Times

"And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication."
Revelation 14:8 (2nd Angel's Message) (see video)

"But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." Matthew 24:20-22 (KJV)

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Posted 05/29/24 "Wake UP" CYC2024 - A great message by Marcus Mason with Apocalypse Ministries.
Posted 05/22/24 COVID Vaccines | "Some People Got Significant Side Effects from the Vaccine, A Number of People That Are Quite Ill And They Never Had COVID & They Are Ill from the Vaccine." - Robert Redfield (Former Director of the U.S. CDC)
Posted 05/21/24 Breaking Pope Prophecy Alert: It Is Coming June 13-15! Timing Is Everything! Time to Wake Up!
Posted 05/21/24 Joe Rogan READS Revelation and Is SHOCKED by End-Times Prophecy!
Posted 05/14/24 196 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Battle of The Bibles - Thy Word Is A Light Unto My Path
Posted 05/14/24 Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Story of Courage and Faith
Posted 05/14/24 John Wycliffe - Morning Star of the Reformation
Posted 05/14/24 Wellness Wednesday May 8, 2024
Posted 05/09/24 Salvation Is Not Based on Race or Being A Member of SDA Church. Who Are God's True Israelites & 144K
Posted 05/09/24 Wellness Wednesday May 1, 2024
Posted 05/01/24 Here's Your VIP Invitation For All-Night Prayer & Day of Fasting. Put On God's Armor. Blow The Trumpet
Posted 05/01/24 Wellness Wednesday April 24, 2024
Posted 04/25/24 Exterminate Witnesses Before They Go To Court. PluckOut Their Eyes. The Heart, Headquarters, Is Corrupt
Posted 04/17/24 Sunday Law Update Featuring Jan Marcussen! It's Over!
Posted 04/17/24 Trial of The Century. Not Guilty On 7 Counts. We Must Vindicate God's Character. I Find No Fault In Him.
Posted 04/10/24 Earthquakes, Solar Eclipse & Conspiracy Theories. Study The First Eclipse & Final Spiritual Eclipse.
Posted 04/04/24 Mark Of The Beast Is BlackSwan Or WhiteSwan Event For SDA? 15 More Excuses For Sin.The Cure For Sin
Posted 04/02/24 What you need to know about Project 2025 "Sunday law!"
Posted 03/28/24 Sunday Law and the Mark of the Beasts are causing this in USA
Posted 03/28/24 70 Yrs Of Psychological Warfare, FalseDoctrines, Deception On SDA People.The Battle Is For Your Mind
Posted 03/21/24 191 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Trump 2024 Christian Nationalist Takeover or Biden 2024?
Posted 03/21/24 Anointed & Baptized For Battle.Life Is A Battle & A March.Setback Prevents Greater Attack.Go Forward
Posted 03/14/24 The Clash of 2 Champions. Blow The Trumpet & Alarm. Church of Warriors. Tyrants Push Final Genocide
Posted 03/14/24 190 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Him That Thinks He Stands, Take Heed Lest He Falls
Posted 03/07/24 Work-Free Sunday & Social Sunday Law By 2030.5 Stones For 5 Giants.Sling Stone w/ Left & Right Hands
Posted 02/28/24 Only THREE Tools Away From The New World Order
Posted 02/28/24 Prepare For Element of Surprise.Sword, Spear & Shield vs 5 Smooth Stones. Only One Set of Footprints
Posted 02/22/24 We’re Surrounded. Slavery vs Freedom. We’re Unready To Meet Giants. Self-Dependent vs God-Dependent
Posted 02/14/24 2 Rivals Expose Each Other. Time Is Almost Finished.Redeem Time Don't Waste Time.Premature Christians
Posted 02/14/24 187 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Sunday Proposal, Sooner Than We Think? Texas Border- Neuralink
Posted 02/07/24 Project2025: Church & State Unite To Persecute Saints. Drinking Bitter Cup.Painful Delay For 3 Weeks
Posted 02/07/24 Ex-Pentecostal Bishop Joins the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Posted 02/01/24 Civil Conflict at Texas Border & Time of Trouble. Faith In Christ's Ability To Provide Not Our Ability
Posted 02/01/24 Ron Wyatt In New Zealand October '98 - Ron talking about his ark of the covenant discovery.
Posted 01/25/24 Pope Francis praises Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum in message sent to 2024 Davos summit
Posted 01/25/24 The Perfect Storm | EYES ON THE TIMES - Brace yourselves we have some very challenging times ahead.
Posted 01/25/24 SDA Church In Travail & Labor Pain.Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better.Who Is Modern Cyrus?
Posted 01/25/24 Former Baptist Pastor Now BELIEVES and Keeps the 7th Day Sabbath.
Posted 01/25/24 World Economic Forum EXPELS Christians from 'demonic' Davos promenade
Posted 01/25/24 If you do not believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the American people.
Posted 01/25/24 Jonathan and Jesus Reaction: Push for One World Religion | Ecumenicalism | LED Lite
Posted 01/18/24 Who Is The 3rd Most Powerful Man In U.S Working To Enslave You? How To Receive Divine Nature & Grace.
Posted 01/12/24 Bomb Threats At 12 State Capitols. Be Ready Everyday In 2024. If Ellen White Is A False Prophet...
Posted 01/12/24 "Mental Health : Bible Secrets Unsealed" | Pr. Ron Kelly
Posted 01/12/24 CBDC FUTURE: Banks Will Tokenize Customer Deposits Before Rolling Out CBDCs
Posted 01/04/24 Dwelling In The Secret Place: Island Friendship by Walter & Sonica Veith
Posted 01/04/24 You Were Warned 100 Years Ago.Babylon Is Coming w/MOB & Siege.Betrayers Will Wish They Weren't Born
Posted 12/28/23 Christmas In The Air. Time To Celebrate This Date. Death-Date vs Birth-Date. No Man Knows The Day Now
Posted 12/28/23 Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week
Posted 12/28/23 "This Is Off The Charts": Economist Claims 2024 Will Bring 'Biggest Crash Of Our Lifetime' In US
Posted 12/28/23 The Vatican and the Third Reich: an Unholy Alliance
Posted 12/21/23 184 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - COP28,No Buying Or Selling, Is The CBDC The Mark Of The Beast? - This video tells what the real Mark of the Beast is.
Posted 12/21/23 Ken Ham's Testimony Is Truly UNREAL - Leader of the ministry Answers in Genisis.
Posted 12/21/23 How do we prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus?
Posted 12/21/23 7 Predictive Programming v 7 Prophetic Programming.14 Years of Warning.Certainty of the Truth.5 Sins
Posted 12/14/23 183 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Enacted Parables, Bracing For The Confrontation With Malta!
Posted 12/14/23 Mark of Beast Contagious.Marked In Head & Hand. Eyes On Final Event. Give Loud Cry.Buy White Garment
Posted 12/07/23 "Ellen White Vindicated by Medical Science" | Dr. Roger Seheult
Posted 12/07/23 Pope Calls For World Religions To Unite With Him! Has The Time Come For The Papacy To Strike?
Posted 12/07/23 Is This Why Chase Debanked Dr. Mercola?
Posted 12/07/23 181 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - The Right Arm Of The Gospel, Health Reform In The Last Days.
Posted 12/07/23 Flee Babylon's 5 Policies. 14 Days of Probation. Must Be Cleansed of Leprosy. Uniform For Christians
Posted 12/07/23 She's exposing the WEF false flag coming in 2024
Posted 11/30/23 Christmas The Spirit Of The Season Exposed
Posted 11/30/23 The Israel Prophecy [MOST CHRISTIANS DECEIVED!]
Posted 11/30/23 179 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Another Angel - The Final Call, Come Out Of Babylon My People!
Posted 11/22/23 From Jerusalem To Gaza. Path To 2nd Coming Goes Through Persecution. Plan of Redemption In 3 Steps
Posted 11/22/23 Pope Francis; COP28; Ecological Conversion and Sunday Rest! New Mark of the Beast Tracks!
Posted 11/22/23 Israel, Antichrist, and The Messiah | Pastor Ron Kelly
Posted 11/22/23 China Attempts To Rewrite The Bible & Claims Jesus Was A Sinner | Persecution Is Coming!
Posted 11/14/23 EU Declares Citizens Who Refuse Bill Gates' Digital ID Will Be Excluded From Society
Posted 11/14/23 Year 2030:Know When It Is Near. Converted People Persecuted.Repent & Receive Refreshing. Not 1 in 20
Posted 11/14/23 European Politician Breaks 'Very Bad News' About Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies
Posted 11/14/23 "Zionism is not Judaism. We cry with the Palestinians." - Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss
Posted 11/14/23 178 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Do not Worship The Beast And his Image, And Receive his Mark
Posted 11/14/23 Truth about Zionism VaticanJesuit Connections
Posted 11/09/23 177 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith- Babylon Is Fallen, Is Fallen, Who's Babylon and What Is Fallen?
Posted 11/09/23 Breaking Pope Prophecy Alert: It's Coming Dec. 1 - This Is a First For Any Pope!
Posted 11/09/23 "War in Israel" - Pastor Bill Hughes - Understand how the papacy is controling things from behind the scenes.
Posted 11/09/23 176 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Everlasting Gospel To Humanity, Fear God, Judgement Has Begun
Posted 10/24/23 Make Babylon Angry.Jews Lives Matter v Muslims Lives.Jesus Obeyed The Law For You.Mark of The Father
Posted 10/24/23 175 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Israel And Hamas, Zionists vs Islam Holy War? or Jesuit Plan?
Posted 10/24/23 Pressing Issues: Israel, Hamas, and Response to Doug Batchelor-with Bill Hughes and Kody Morey
Posted 10/24/23 Why Are The Four Winds Of Revelation 7 Held Back?
Posted 10/24/23 Insider: Israel Attack Was 'False Flag' To Start 'Holy War' and Usher In 'One World Government'
Posted 10/17/23 Nations Are Angry. Loud Cry:Imputed & Imparted Righteousness.
Posted 10/17/23 Vacinated Children vs Unvacinated Children
Posted 10/17/23 Evangelicals & Israel - The Church is Controlling the State - The Image to the Beast
Posted 10/17/23 War in Israel: Prophecy with Doug Batchelor (Amazing Facts)
Posted 10/17/23 Nobel Prize Winning Scientist uncovering the climate crisis hoax...
Posted 10/17/23 174 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Laudato Deum VS Project 2025, Beast & Image Of The Beast
Posted 10/17/23 "This is a bombshell revelation and this will eventually bring down Anthony Fauci."
Posted 10/11/23 Past,Present & Future Loud Cry.Sunday Law In 1st & Last Generations. Power In Christ's Resurrection
Posted 10/11/23 CBDC | No Buy, No Sell Coming Soon! Digital Currency New One World Government Order
Posted 10/11/23 The UN and WEF sign an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030!!!
Posted 10/11/23 Dr. Naomi Wolf: Pfizer KNEW What Would Happen to Newborns and Kept Going Anyway
Posted 10/04/23 Spirit & Truth Will Make You Mad. The Midnight Cry & The Mighty Cry. Sharpening The Sword For Battle.
Posted 10/04/23 The Danger of Christian Nationalism, Project 2025 and The Coming Sunday Law..
Posted 10/04/23 50% of Sudden Infant Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of Vaccination
Posted 10/04/23 Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Levels of Aluminum in Blood
Posted 10/04/23 PROJECT 2025 - A Communal Day of Rest
Posted 10/04/23 7 Laws of Mental Health | Barbara O’Neill
Posted 10/04/23 3rd False Narrative about Covid
Posted 09/27/23 It is Coming Down to Just Two Churches
Posted 09/27/23 Say No To Digital Family Card. Digital Slaves via Gov Assistance. Moving People From Country To City
Posted 09/27/23 Legion Protects Me.7 Spirits vs 7 Devils.Few Receive Revival & Reformation.Judgment Upon the Living
Posted 09/27/23 Elon Musk Elon Musk to visit southern border in Texas as migrant numbers hit new records
Posted 09/27/23 Dr. Rand Paul Continues to Fight Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Senate Pages
Posted 09/21/23 Compelling testimony about vaccines being pushed instead of Ivermectin
Posted 09/21/23 Bible TRUTH about Aliens
Posted 09/21/23 Dr. David E. Martin Calls For Total Destruction Of The World Health Organization (WHO) For Crimes Against Humanity & Bio-Terrorism
Posted 09/21/23 G20 Calls For GLOBAL DIGITAL IDs, CBDC and Strict Crypto Regulation
Posted 09/21/23 Overexposed | Dr. Eric Walsh - How media and music are effecting us.
Posted 09/18/23 The Beginning Of The Sunday Law Movement? | EYES ON THE TIMES | Marie Diaz
Posted 09/18/23 Project 2025 Sunday Law ALERT!
Posted 09/18/23 Get BodyGuards For Last Days. Covenant w/ Death & Hell. Blaspheme The Holy Spirit & Unpardonable Sin
Posted 09/14/23 He (Novack Djokovic, who just the US Open) Won The Moderna Shot of the Day - LOL
Posted 09/14/23 Florida's Surgeon General slams the new, untested mRNA vaccine:
Posted 09/12/23 Revelation 13 & Papal Attitudes to Economic, Political, & Religious Liberty | Conrad Vine
Posted 09/12/23 AI Preacher?! The DANGERS of Artificial Intelligence
Posted 09/12/23 Religious Liberty in the Writings of Ellen White | Pastor James Rafferty - Pastor speaks up against church's forced mandates and violation of religous liberty.
Posted 09/12/23 Lucifer Restored In SDA Church.Gospel of Love Separates.Love Is The G.O.A.T. Shekinah, Peenie Wallie
Posted 09/12/23 Digital IDs Are HERE!! Why You Should Be WORRIED!!
Posted 09/10/23 "The Chosen Deception" by Scott Mayer - Understand why the Jesus in the TV series "The Chosen" is different than the Jesus of the Holy Bible.
Posted 09/10/23 Plant Based Diet | NEWSTART | Practical Application
Posted 09/10/23 VEGAN 2022 - The Film
Posted 09/04/23 Peenie Wallie Christians Have Gospel Glow. 5 Wise Virgins Have The Shekinah. Baptism of Water & Fire
Posted 09/04/23 Armageddon [Bible Prophecy Movie]
Posted 09/04/23 Putin and China just scored a MAJOR victory against the U.S. Dollar | Redacted with Clayton Morris
Posted 09/04/23 The Four Horsemen [BIBLE PROPHECY MOVIE]
Posted 08/30/23 7 Warnings.CockCrowing & The Midnight Cry.Woe To People Who Hear Truth But Do Not.The Hen & The Cock
Posted 08/30/23 CDC, increased infection risk in vaccinated
Posted 08/30/23 An Off-grid Sanitarium? Yes! An Interview with Ernie and Kimberly Layon
Posted 08/30/23 Final Midnight Cry.Buy Extra Oil.Knock! Knock! Door Is Shut.SDAs Backslide & Receive Strong Delusion
Posted 08/30/23 The Great Reset: Global Government & Digital Currency by 2030? | Kwak Brothers | Watchman Newscast
Posted 08/15/23 Significance of 8/12 & Midnight Cry. #maui Hawaiians & SDA Caught Off-Guard.Play w/Fire & Get Burned
Posted 08/13/23 2031 Deadline. 7 Seasons: Mark of The Beast, 2nd Coming, Evangelism, Holy Spirit, Victory Over Sin..
Posted 08/02/23 From Climate LockDown To Sunday LockDown. Present-Truth Believers Have No Wine, No Spiritual Life
Posted 08/02/23 Dr. Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity talks with Mike Adams about currency, ENERGY, supply chains and how this chapter of history ends in catastrophe)
Posted 08/02/23 Satanic Media Pope / Hugo Talks
Posted 07/24/23 Central Banks, Mandated Digital Currency, and the Mark of the Beast (with Johnny Cirucci)
Posted 07/24/23 "Sound of Freedom" Exposed: O.U.R.'s White Savior Scam & Litany of Lies
Posted 07/24/23 Money of Beast Just Launched: FedNow Is Similar To CBDC. Day 3 of Creation: The Dead Must Bear Fruit
Posted 07/17/23 Break Chains.Digital ID & CBDC MicroChip Under Your Skin.We're Hackable Animals.Feast of Tabernacles
Posted 07/17/23 THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 1, THE BIRTH OF THE CABAL - Part 1 of a 28 part very good series about the Cabal.
Posted 07/10/23 'The Miracles Are Insane': Tim Ballard Tells Real-Life Stories That Inspired 'Sound of Freedom'
Posted 05/09/23 The END of the WORLD - 8 Proofs We are NEAR!!
Posted 05/09/23 The U.S. is in real trouble! with Clayton Morris - Big problems with Saudi Arabia.
Posted 05/09/23 This is DEVASTATING news for the U.S.! with Clayton Morris - The coming digital dollar and economic problems ahead.
Posted 04/11/23 License To Live | Eyes On The Times - About coming digital IDs and surveilance.
Posted 04/06/23 All Wars Are Bankers Wars. - Understand how the central banks run the world.
Posted 04/06/23 The Fed just announced it will introduce its "FedNow" Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in July.
Posted 04/06/23 Robert Kennedy Jr. on President Trump draining the swamp: - Phizer gave one million dollars to the Trump's inauguration party.
Posted 04/06/23 Fauci/Robert Redfield - Former CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield testifies before congress that gain of function research that instead of preventing a pandemic probably caused the greatest pandemic our world has seen.
Posted 04/06/23 157 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Viruses, Bacteria, Pandemics, Is It All Real or Fake?
Posted 03/29/23 Vaccination problems, UK Parliament - The data shows the risk is far greater of being seriously injured by the mRNA boosters than the risk of Covid, except for those over 70 with co morbidities where the risk is the same. It is way passed time to stop the boosters.
Posted 03/29/23 Walter Veith - Big Bang or Big GOD - Science about where we came from.
Posted 03/07/23 ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME / Hugo Talks - A breif history of Rome and how it is still controlling the world.
Posted 03/02/23 The Agenda: The Global Takeover and God's Prophecies- Eyes On The Times!
Posted 03/01/23 The 7000 Year Glorious Jubilee - Walter Veith - An intesting video about the Cosmic Week for the world.
Posted 02/14/23 Aid Arrives in Turkey After Earthquakes but Anger Grows - Search-and-rescue teams continue to face a host of logistical challenges as survivors struggle to find food and shelter, as the death toll in Turkey and Syria surpasses 33,000.
Posted 02/09/23 Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Tops 20,000 as Hope Dwindles for Finding Quake Survivors
Posted 02/01/23 Rand Paul: This could destroy the country - Discussion on the US debt sealing and the future of the US dollar.
Posted 01/19/23 Tucker Carlson interviews Dr Aseem Malhotra on the corruption of medicine by Big Pharma
Posted 01/12/23 HISTORY OF RELIGION (Part 1): PAGANS, NIMROD, & BABYLON - Explains where many of the world's religions came from.
Posted 01/12/23 YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO: THE "UNEDITED" TRUTH ABOUT THIS WORLD - Explains who is really running this world.
Posted 01/12/23 PHARMAKEIA POPE - Explains the Pope's role behind the Covid-19 Vaccines.
Posted 12/29/22 VSRF Reports: Highlights & exclusive interview footage with key doctors & speakers at Sen. Ron Johnson's Covid-19 Vaccine Roundtable - Do you still believe the mRNA Covid shots and boosters are good for you? Please watch this.
Posted 12/29/22 Time to pause covid mass vaccination - Dr. John Campbell.
Posted 12/06/22 Full Documentary - What is our Future World? - Understand what is behind the COVID and Climate Change ajenda.
Posted 11/29/22 143 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Climate Repentance, Climate Religions, Catholics Smash Tablets
Posted 11/29/22 Died Suddenly - An very important documentary showing how many deaths in adults and babies appear to a result of the COVID vaccines.
Posted 11/15/22 141 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - COP27 & The Letter - Pope Francis' Call For Climate Unity
Posted 11/15/22 The Pope meeting on Mt. Sinai with world religious leaders to CREATE a NEW TEN COMMANDMENTS!
Posted 11/15/22 The Impossible Financial Trap That Leads To The Great Reset
Posted 09/07/22 UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated.
Posted 08/19/22 Dr. Peter McCullough (Monkeypox & The Bio Pharmaceutical Complex)
Posted 08/11/22 The Truth About Monkeypox
Posted 07/06/22 The Great Reset | The Entire Great Reset Agenda Explained In 17 Minutes (Featuring Biden, Schwab, Harari, Musk, Gates, WEF, etc.)
Posted 06/24/22 Economic Collapse is Unavoidable
Posted 06/21/22 This Drought is Worse Than You Think
Posted 06/21/22 An Appeal to the Adventist Nobility | Dr. Conrad Vine
Posted 06/15/22 Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
Posted 06/09/22 FULL VIDEO ~ Dr. Naomi Wolf and Del Bigtree Discuss Vaccinated Moms, Baby Harms and Deadly Pregnancies
Posted 06/02/22 Rand Paul: This is the danger of a one-world government
Posted 02/18/22 The Truth of Vatican, Rome, the Jesuit Order, Black Pope, and the Papacy - A very important documentary to watch.
Posted 02/18/22 Dr Ardis knows it's the Jesuits. - Understand who is trying to control the world.
Posted 10/22/21 BOMBSHELL: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine 'glows,' contains 'toxic' luciferase, graphene oxide compounds
Posted 10/22/21 Vaccine pioneer says rules do not apply to unaccountable, corrupt Fauci, FDA
Posted 08/07/21 Rand Paul: Nothing more authoritarian than no-fly list for unvaccinated - Vaccine Mandates.
Posted 07/30/21 Ahead of the Curve - Better understand why getting a COVID 19 Vaccine may not be a good idea.
Posted 07/22/21 Bill Gates Deleted Documetary - From Microsoft to Vaccines AI.
Posted 07/02/21 COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century - Yes, Ivermectin is safe and can prevent and treat COVID.
Posted 05/26/21 China Puts Biden in the White House - More evidence making it appear the election was stolen from President Trump.
Posted 05/26/21 Saagar Enjeti: New Details REVEAL Fauci, Media Coverup Of Lab Leak Hypothesis
Posted 05/18/21 The Scriptwriters (Part 1 of 2) - Good history about how Satan has been working to destroy Protestantism and build up Spiritualism, Communism and the Papacy.
Posted 04/18/21 Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Vaccination, Green Passports & Bioethics - What's Up, Prof? 59
Posted 03/16/21 Pope Francis Calls for New World Order After the Pandemic
Posted 02/22/21 Absolute Proof 2 - Mike Lindell's video exposing election fraud in the 2020 election.
Posted 02/22/21 Unmasked - Have We Uncovered The Truth About The 2020 Election - Better understand why people believe the 2020 elction was stolen from President Trump.
Posted 01/19/21 NWO VOLUME TWO: THE ILLUSION OF MONEY - Better understand how the money and banking system really work.
Posted 12/21/20 EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul goes off on 'dictator' Governors, irresponsible Democrats - Senator Paul expresses concern about our rising debt and shutting down our economy.
Posted 12/21/20 The Cyberpandemic has Begun: SolarWinds + FireEye - Anything can happen now - "Crisis coming bigger than COVID."
Posted 11/19/20 Domestic Unrest Sure. 2nd RCC U.S. Chief. U.S. to ReJoin Paris Deal? Repeat of Reagan & John Paul 2. - Civil War is coming.
Posted 08/15/12 Ron Paul warns Americans of coming economic collapse and possible martial law! (May 10, 2012) - Paul Ryan is no Ron Paul. Thank God for Ron Paul!
Posted 08/15/12 Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 full documentary online - Why did we kill 1 million Iraqis?
Posted 08/10/12 The Real Illuminati - One of the best videos identifying the papacy as the beast of Revelation.
Posted 08/10/12 Reagan Warned Us About Obama - Yes, Reagan had his problems too, but nothing like we have now.
Posted 08/01/12 NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1 - One of the best videos exposing the history of Satan's plan to take over and control the world.
Posted 04/24/11 Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at
Posted 04/15/11 Government Attacking Sabbath!
Posted 03/27/11 THE THIRD ANGEL'S MESSAGE: The Mark of the Beast (HD)
Posted 03/02/11 The National Debt Road Trip - Friends our country has big trouble ahead.
Posted 12/28/10 The Mark of the Beast - Understand what it really is.
Posted 12/12/10 Quantitative Easing Explained - Better understand what the "Federal Reserve" is doing to our country.
Secret Obama World WAR3 NWO Martial-Law 1 of 3 (ZIONIST Illuminati) - "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free." - Jesus.
Schwarzenegger Warns Of "Terrible Cuts, Absolutely Terrible Cuts" Coming In California - Is your house built on the "Rock" or the sand?
Still don't believe 911 was an inside job? Need to know more? Visit:
Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009 - Understand better what is happening to our world.
The Dollar Bubble - Learn what is happening to our dollar.
Fall of the Republic - Helps us better see how our nation is falling apart.
Hyperinflation Nation Part 1/3 - This important movie helps us understand how hyperinflation is expected to effect our dollar.
The New World Order is Here!
Final Events of Bible Prophecy - A good overview of this earth's end time events.
THE SECRET TERRORISTS - A very interesting book by Bill Hughes shedding more light on what happened at Waco, the Oklahoma bombing and the World Trade Center.
The Money Masters - Better understand the Federal Reserve and how our money system really works.
THE OBAMA DECEPTION FULL DOC BY ALEX JONES - An interesting movie about Obama with some good information about the Federal Reserve.

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