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"And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication." Revelation 14:8 (KJV)

"But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." Matthew 24:20-22 (KJV)

Posted 05/09/23 The END of the WORLD - 8 Proofs We are NEAR!!
Posted 05/09/23 The U.S. is in real trouble! with Clayton Morris - Big problems with Saudi Arabia.
Posted 05/09/23 This is DEVASTATING news for the U.S.! with Clayton Morris - The coming digital dollar and economic problems ahead.
Posted 04/11/23 License To Live | Eyes On The Times - About coming digital IDs and surveilance.
Posted 04/06/23 All Wars Are Bankers Wars. - Understand how the central banks run the world.
Posted 04/06/23 The Fed just announced it will introduce its "FedNow" Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in July.
Posted 04/06/23 Robert Kennedy Jr. on President Trump draining the swamp: - Phizer gave one million dollars to the Trump's inauguration party.
Posted 04/06/23 Fauci/Robert Redfield - Former CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield testifies before congress that gain of function research that instead of preventing a pandemic probably caused the greatest pandemic our world has seen.
Posted 04/06/23 157 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Viruses, Bacteria, Pandemics, Is It All Real or Fake?
Posted 03/29/23 Vaccination problems, UK Parliament - The data shows the risk is far greater of being seriously injured by the mRNA boosters than the risk of Covid, except for those over 70 with co morbidities where the risk is the same. It is way passed time to stop the boosters.
Posted 03/29/23 Walter Veith - Big Bang or Big GOD - Science about where we came from.
Posted 03/07/23 ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME / Hugo Talks - A breif history of Rome and how it is still controlling the world.
Posted 03/02/23 The Agenda: The Global Takeover and God's Prophecies- Eyes On The Times!
Posted 03/01/23 The 7000 Year Glorious Jubilee - Walter Veith - An intesting video about the Cosmic Week for the world.
Posted 02/14/23 Aid Arrives in Turkey After Earthquakes but Anger Grows - Search-and-rescue teams continue to face a host of logistical challenges as survivors struggle to find food and shelter, as the death toll in Turkey and Syria surpasses 33,000.
Posted 02/09/23 Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Tops 20,000 as Hope Dwindles for Finding Quake Survivors
Posted 02/01/23 Rand Paul: This could destroy the country - Discussion on the US debt sealing and the future of the US dollar.
Posted 01/19/23 Tucker Carlson interviews Dr Aseem Malhotra on the corruption of medicine by Big Pharma
Posted 01/12/23 HISTORY OF RELIGION (Part 1): PAGANS, NIMROD, & BABYLON - Explains where many of the world's religions came from.
Posted 01/12/23 YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO: THE "UNEDITED" TRUTH ABOUT THIS WORLD - Explains who is really running this world.
Posted 01/12/23 PHARMAKEIA POPE - Explains the Pope's role behind the Covid-19 Vaccines.
Posted 12/29/22 VSRF Reports: Highlights & exclusive interview footage with key doctors & speakers at Sen. Ron Johnson's Covid-19 Vaccine Roundtable - Do you still believe the mRNA Covid shots and boosters are good for you? Please watch this.
Posted 12/29/22 Time to pause covid mass vaccination - Dr. John Campbell.
Posted 12/06/22 Full Documentary - What is our Future World? - Understand what is behind the COVID and Climate Change ajenda.
Posted 11/29/22 143 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Climate Repentance, Climate Religions, Catholics Smash Tablets
Posted 11/29/22 Died Suddenly - An very important documentary showing how many deaths in adults and babies appear to a result of the COVID vaccines.
Posted 11/15/22 141 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - COP27 & The Letter - Pope Francis' Call For Climate Unity
Posted 11/15/22 The Pope meeting on Mt. Sinai with world religious leaders to CREATE a NEW TEN COMMANDMENTS!
Posted 11/15/22 The Impossible Financial Trap That Leads To The Great Reset
Posted 09/07/22 UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated.
Posted 08/19/22 Dr. Peter McCullough (Monkeypox & The Bio Pharmaceutical Complex)
Posted 08/11/22 The Truth About Monkeypox
Posted 07/06/22 The Great Reset | The Entire Great Reset Agenda Explained In 17 Minutes (Featuring Biden, Schwab, Harari, Musk, Gates, WEF, etc.)
Posted 06/24/22 Economic Collapse is Unavoidable
Posted 06/21/22 This Drought is Worse Than You Think
Posted 06/21/22 An Appeal to the Adventist Nobility | Dr. Conrad Vine
Posted 06/15/22 Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
Posted 06/09/22 FULL VIDEO ~ Dr. Naomi Wolf and Del Bigtree Discuss Vaccinated Moms, Baby Harms and Deadly Pregnancies
Posted 06/02/22 Rand Paul: This is the danger of a one-world government
Posted 02/18/22 The Truth of Vatican, Rome, the Jesuit Order, Black Pope, and the Papacy - A very important documentary to watch.
Posted 02/18/22 Dr Ardis knows it's the Jesuits. - Understand who is trying to control the world.
Posted 10/22/21 BOMBSHELL: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine 'glows,' contains 'toxic' luciferase, graphene oxide compounds
Posted 10/22/21 Vaccine pioneer says rules do not apply to unaccountable, corrupt Fauci, FDA
Posted 08/07/21 Rand Paul: Nothing more authoritarian than no-fly list for unvaccinated - Vaccine Mandates.
Posted 07/30/21 Ahead of the Curve - Better understand why getting a COVID 19 Vaccine may not be a good idea.
Posted 07/22/21 Bill Gates Deleted Documetary - From Microsoft to Vaccines AI.
Posted 07/02/21 COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century - Yes, Ivermectin is safe and can prevent and treat COVID.
Posted 05/26/21 China Puts Biden in the White House - More evidence making it appear the election was stolen from President Trump.
Posted 05/26/21 Saagar Enjeti: New Details REVEAL Fauci, Media Coverup Of Lab Leak Hypothesis
Posted 05/18/21 The Scriptwriters (Part 1 of 2) - Good history about how Satan has been working to destroy Protestantism and build up Spiritualism, Communism and the Papacy.
Posted 04/18/21 Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Vaccination, Green Passports & Bioethics - What's Up, Prof? 59
Posted 03/16/21 Pope Francis Calls for New World Order After the Pandemic
Posted 02/22/21 Absolute Proof 2 - Mike Lindell's video exposing election fraud in the 2020 election.
Posted 02/22/21 Unmasked - Have We Uncovered The Truth About The 2020 Election - Better understand why people believe the 2020 elction was stolen from President Trump.
Posted 01/19/21 NWO VOLUME TWO: THE ILLUSION OF MONEY - Better understand how the money and banking system really work.
Posted 12/21/20 EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul goes off on 'dictator' Governors, irresponsible Democrats - Senator Paul expresses concern about our rising debt and shutting down our economy.
Posted 12/21/20 The Cyberpandemic has Begun: SolarWinds + FireEye - Anything can happen now - "Crisis coming bigger than COVID."
Posted 11/19/20 Domestic Unrest Sure. 2nd RCC U.S. Chief. U.S. to ReJoin Paris Deal? Repeat of Reagan & John Paul 2. - Civil War is coming.
Posted 08/15/12 Ron Paul warns Americans of coming economic collapse and possible martial law! (May 10, 2012) - Paul Ryan is no Ron Paul. Thank God for Ron Paul!
Posted 08/15/12 Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 full documentary online - Why did we kill 1 million Iraqis?
Posted 08/10/12 The Real Illuminati - One of the best videos identifying the papacy as the beast of Revelation.
Posted 08/10/12 Reagan Warned Us About Obama - Yes, Reagan had his problems too, but nothing like we have now.
Posted 08/01/12 NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1 - One of the best videos exposing the history of Satan's plan to take over and control the world.
Posted 04/24/11 Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at
Posted 04/15/11 Government Attacking Sabbath!
Posted 03/27/11 THE THIRD ANGEL'S MESSAGE: The Mark of the Beast (HD)
Posted 03/02/11 The National Debt Road Trip - Friends our country has big trouble ahead.
Posted 12/28/10 The Mark of the Beast - Understand what it really is.
Posted 12/12/10 Quantitative Easing Explained - Better understand what the "Federal Reserve" is doing to our country.
Secret Obama World WAR3 NWO Martial-Law 1 of 3 (ZIONIST Illuminati) - "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free." - Jesus.
Schwarzenegger Warns Of "Terrible Cuts, Absolutely Terrible Cuts" Coming In California - Is your house built on the "Rock" or the sand?
Still don't believe 911 was an inside job? Need to know more? Visit:
Fighting the New World Order: Information Revolution 2009 - Understand better what is happening to our world.
The Dollar Bubble - Learn what is happening to our dollar.
Fall of the Republic - Helps us better see how our nation is falling apart.
Hyperinflation Nation Part 1/3 - This important movie helps us understand how hyperinflation is expected to effect our dollar.
The New World Order is Here!
Final Events of Bible Prophecy - A good overview of this earth's end time events.
THE SECRET TERRORISTS - A very interesting book by Bill Hughes shedding more light on what happened at Waco, the Oklahoma bombing and the World Trade Center.
The Money Masters - Better understand the Federal Reserve and how our money system really works.
THE OBAMA DECEPTION FULL DOC BY ALEX JONES - An interesting movie about Obama with some good information about the Federal Reserve.

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